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Erskineville Terrace

A contemporary cottage transformation that pays tribute to Parisian architecture.

Front view of house from street
Street level front view

Untouched by renovations since the 1950s, this one-bedroom semi-detached workers cottage was originally built in the early 1800s in the Victorian Italianate style.

Renovated living room of original cottage
Living room in original cottage space through to small courtyard and extension
Exterior Rooftop detail
Left side renovated original cottage roof pavilion and right side extension roof pavilion with small courtyard in between
Dining room view out to courtyard with staircase
Dining room out to rear courtyard and staircase to bedrooms
French doors to small courtyard
Small courtyard space between original cottage footprint and extension
Roof architectural detail
Dormer roof windows on extension pavilion
View of paved brickwork from above
Rear courtyard from laundry room roof

Our brief was to transform the compact dwelling on 157sqm into a contemporary 4-bedroom, 2- bathroom family home. The client wanted to honour the heritage of the building while making it comfortable and practical for inner-city living.

Courtyard and rear extention
Rear Courtyard to Laundry
Kitchen with small courtyard
Dining and kitchen looking to small courtyard between original cottage renovation and new extension
Main bedroom looking over rear courtyard
Nursery. Kids room
Nursery looking out Dormer windows
Bathroom woith attic style windows
Main Bathroom looking out Dormer windows
Brickwork outdoor seating
Courtyard french door detail
Courtyard details

Concept & Design

Our design concept for the architectural and interior design direction honoured the European influence of the original cottage and played into the client’s love of Parisian architecture.

Incorporating light and ventilation was essential due to overshadowing, so we created an air-filled internal courtyard (featuring a beautiful silver birch as a focal point) that allowed light into the central kitchen and living spaces. Outside we used planter boxes with incorporated bench seating and BBQ to create an inviting entertaining area that used every inch of available space.

Finishes were chosen to be sensitive to heritage items but given a contemporary look, including oversized double hung windows, large skirting and cornices with a simple profile throughout.

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